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See Patient Retention Issue Ahead of Time!
 Remote Treatment Compliance & Progress Monitoring in Real Time




Regimen360 helps cosmetic medical practices and medspas improve take-home treatment products' success by providing real-time patient compliance information and services. Our cloud-based RegimenCompliance360 software suite enables physicians to save time by remotely reviewing all patients’ treatment adherence status and empowers providers to proactively achieve better outcomes when a regimen is not working in the timely

data, such as non-adherence alerts, progress, and more. 

As a preferred provider, you could receive referrals from our web visitors and app users who are actively seeking hair and skin treatments and advice. 

Regimen360 benefits patients with product-specific treatment tracking to see evidence of treatment outcomes. In addition, it helps patients with convenient reminders and progress monitoring to stay motivated with their regimen and connected to the provider during the treatment journey. View Faq.

US & International Patents pending



Step 1: Download apps 
A practice and their patient download Regimen360. Each product sold in the practice is loaded in the Regimen360 system. Patients provide consent for data sharing with the physician.


Step 2: Track progress and product usage.

A patient will set up regimen tracking and capture progress images over time. These images could be analyzed and data fed into the system. The system will automatically track the number of parameters.

Step 3: See real-time compliance data

The practice can view treatment usage and adherence of all users with certain flags and alerts; before and after images with analysis data during the entire treatment history and more.


There is an optional Compliance Monitoring Service (CMS) with practice-specific reports and alerts for actionable opportunities in treatment adjustments and adherence optimization. View Faq For more information.


Increase repeat product sales 

Prevent/reduce negative online reviews 

Save valuable doctor/staff office time 

Improve treatment outcomes


“Sometimes treatments don’t work and that is the time physicians can intervene and modify treatment modalities. Normally patients would leave and give up. This (Regimen360) is the big win! We are so excited.” 

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